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The new and improved International Surveyor Jobs Board is in full effect, currently with over 1550 available employment opportunities for land surveyors. If you are seeking a Job or happen to be one of our members Seeking Employment, we have added some extra functionality for you.

To add yourself to this list of Survey Jobs Wanted, or the Hire Me category, join the site and fill out your profile.

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Optional Items to Include: Upload your resume and share links to your surveying history such as photos and videos. You can enhance your chances of being hired by joining the official Land Surveyors United siteand select "Seeking Employment" in your member status.

Pro Tip: On this new board your profile will gain the most exposure by simply submitting links to Surveying Jobs around the web.. perhaps even links to jobs that look interesting but do not fit your criteria. This is a crowdsourced jobs board, so the more jobs you submit, the greater your chances will be for being stumbled upon by a recruiter.

Become a member of the Jobs Board today and help yourself find a job by sharing employment opportunities with the rest of the community. We are currently in need of more international surveying jobs so if you are outside of the US, please share links to jobs in your country. If you know of a RSS feed that we can import, please share that below in the comments.


When you think about it, everywhere you look there are employment opportunities for land surveyors. Land Surveying is the foundation of all construction projects worldwide!  In fact, many different industries require Professional Land Surveyors including architectural firms, engineering firms, government agencies, real estate sales agencies, mining companies and many more.

Finding employment for professional land surveyors

There are a vast number of industries that need surveys and the various types of surveys are equally as diverse. As an example, real estate agents will normally require surveys to define the exact details of the land boundaries. An engineer may need topographic information to design storm water structures or an erosion control plan. Therefore, each survey will require different methods and employ acutely more detail or advanced techniques. 

Land Surveying Internships - Getting Prepared

In fact, there are many land surveyors who choose not to specialize, however if you are working toward gaining very specific knowledge you should choose your land surveying internship accordingly. You may find it helpful to join a community such as Land Surveyors United to ask other surveyors about their experiences and advice for finding an internship in surveying.

At times, you may be given a specific amount of responsibility during your land surveying internship, where you will spend a lot of time assisting the professional land surveyor in obtaining data in the field, then compiling that data and creating the final plat or product at the end of the project. 

Land surveying internships

Many land surveying internships are organized through your college as they have lots of contacts with the local professional businesses and many government agencies that offer land surveying.  You can contact local professional businesses independently. Offer them your resume along with a cover letter and send it to companies that interest you. 

You need to plan ahead when looking for a land surveying internship. Internships can be somewhat limited - particularly in small towns - so map out your plan with acute attention to detail. You probably need to plan as early as a year or more ahead of when you want to start your land surveying internship and secure the best position possible.

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